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Many world class recording studios consider it their passion to maintain a wide variety of vintage amplifiers to accomodate in obtaining those special sounds that are demanded by high profile artists. Riverbank Recording Studio provides a wide selection of original vintage tubes amps, that first created those classic tones of the past.

Marshall stack - it screams, crunches, bites and kicks.
(oh yeah, did I mention it's loud!)
Kustom amps - The finest solid state amplifiers ever made! The sound that Creedence Clearwater Revival guitarist John Fogarty made famous.
Fender - the class and pride of American music. Each of these amps has its own distinct personality, all are tube and completely original (no modifications). Which best compliments your style of sound?
Vox - The unmatched unique British sound. True royalty. This 1964 all tube twin 12 was knighted by the Queen!
Ampeg - for bass and guitar, these guys hold down the fort and make a bold statement with the sound.
Gibson, Oliver & Supro amps - little gutsy tube amps that you have been listening to on recordings for over 50 years!

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